ASIST Bulletin No. 11

Bi-annual newsletter containing articles and news on labour-based activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Theme of this issue: Ten years of ASIST: The past, present and future

Centrefold: A snapshot of ASIST's activities in sub-Saharan Africa and the Asia-Pacific regions, and a list of ASIST publications
In this issue:
ASIST: How it began, what it is now and where it is going
ASIST and rural roads
Interview with Mr. Letsie, Elem Construction, Maseru West, Lesotho
Access and Rural Employment (ARE) component of ASIST
ASIST support to urban infrastructure upgrading in low-income areas
Training in labour-based technology
ASIST-Africa and the future
ASIST Asia Pacific….
Ten Years of IRAP in the Asia-Pacific region
ASIST-Asia Pacific review 1999
Sustainable rural transport in Vietnam
Impact of ASIST Bulletins
Developments in South Africa National and Provincial Departments of Public Works
Impact of ASIST on PUSH
Malaba Town Council — Impact of ASIST
Egypt’s Social Fund for Development (SFD)