Sustainable community-managed and labour-based upgrading of urban low-income settlements

International training course for engineers and town planners

Instructional material | 01 January 2002
This workbook aims to guide participants through a project formulation exercise to upgrade a low-income settlement. Generally, each step of the project formulation coincides with a course module described in the handbook. Participants are encouraged to use the handbook and other documentation to complete the exercises.
The accompanying handbook gives participants an overview of all topics dealt with in the course. This includes information on all course modules. The modules cover relevant topics on upgrading of urban low-income settlements. The handbook also provides options to upgrade low-income settlements as well as case studies and a bibliography for further reading. Lecturers are advised to use the Lecturers’ notes prepared for the course in addition to the handbook and workbook. This provides detailed information on the course content and methodology, as well as on the training methodology. Jointly, the three documents provide a full overview of the course. The lecturers’ notes are not relevant for the participants.