Sustainable community-managed and labour-based upgrading of urban low-income settlements

International training course for engineers and town planners

Instructional material | 01 January 2002
This handbook provides a concise overview of key principles of community-managed and labour-based upgrading in urban low-income settlements. It is aimed at town planners and engineers attending an intensive three-week training course with a strong practical emphasis. This course has successfully been piloted in Dar es Salaam in November 1999. The handbook can also be used as reference material without attending the course.
The handbook does not attempt to provide detailed information on how to prepare and implement such works. Rather, it seeks to increase confidence in applying existing skills and experience in the new and challenging context of a community-managed and labour-based approach. Additional reference material is listed in the annexes.
The handbook is accompanied by a workbook. Sustainable community-managed and labour-based upgrading of urban low-income settlements, which guides participants through the development of a project proposal.
Lecturers are advised to use the lecturers’ notes prepared for the course in addition to the handbook and workbook. This provides detailed information on the course content and methodology, as well as on training methodology. Jointly, the three documents provide a full overview of the course.