CTP No. 144

Labour-based technology: A review of current practice: Report of the proceedings of the fifth regional seminar for labour-based practitioners

The seminar report describes the proceedings (narrative) of the seminar.

Record of proceedings | Accra, Ghana | 26 April 1996
Presents a summary of the seminar proceedings, group discussion and the plenary papers presented. The group discussion covered the following topics; employment policy and labour issues; contract documentation; cost and quality comparisons; contractor-client relationships; sustainability; growth and diversification of labour-based roads contracting; equipping contractors and training. Also reports on a field visit to roads being maintained by small-scale contractors under the labour-based Maintenance Performance Budgeting Systems (MPBS) employed in Ghana. A compilation of all the plenary and circulation papers prepared for the seminar is presented in a separate volume, under the following headings, policy, research and development; labour-based contracting in Ghana; appropriate technology and urban development. A valuable collection of papers on labour-based contracting of road maintenance covering a wide range of issues