Global Report Part I

Public employment services and active labour market policies for transitions: Responses to mega trends and crises

The first global report by the ILO on public employment services explores their role in mitigating the labor market disruptions stemming from the COVID-19 crisis and potentially future crises. Additionally, it investigates the adaptive measures and innovative strategies these institutions have employed to navigate the evolving world of work during the past two decades.

Drawing on an extensive analysis of secondary literature, numerous country case studies, and the ILO's 2021 survey encompassing 94 public employment services worldwide, this report sheds light on significant insights. The report underscores that the integration of employment services within a comprehensive policy and legal framework, coupled with continuous capacity-building efforts, leads to enhanced effectiveness and long-term sustainability. Moreover, the report emphasizes the importance of synergies and harmonization between employment services, active labour market policies, social protection policies, and systems. It delves into the modernization of public employment services, extending beyond mere digitalization, by advocating for a holistic approach that assists clients in overcoming labour market and other obstacles. The report also advocates for partnerships with other labour market institutions, training organizations, and social protection entities to broaden their reach and impact.