Local Resource-Based Approaches for Infrastructure Investment - Source Book

Resource list | 01 January 2010
This Source Book brings together knowledge and experience on the effective application of local resource-based approaches to infrastructure investments in labour-surplus in developing ountries. It aims at guiding stakeholders and practitioners involved in infrastructure delivery through the project cycle by bringing out key issues and concerns as well as principles and options relevant to the effective application of local resource-based approaches. It gives guidance on:
- Formulating and implementing policies supportive of employment-intensive investment
- Planning and programming and its subsequent implementation
- monitoring and evaluating
- Local resource-based infrastructure investment programmes and/or projects
- paying due attention to cross-cutting issues such as advocacy, participation, gender and the environment.
The Source Book seeks to impart the knowledge and experience gained from the application of local resource-based methods in over 40 developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America over the last three decades. It brings together the experience, knowledge gained and best practices related to local resource-based infrastructure investments.