ILO/Sida Partnership on Employment Working Paper No. 6

Attaining SDG 8 in Azerbaijan: The challenges of economic transformation and job creation

Azerbaijan has adopted all seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, while at the same time, the country has been giving special attention to the goals for decreasing poverty, ensuring gender equality, and providing decent work and ensuring economic growth. Within the last couple of years, the country adopted a strategic road map for the social and economic development of the key sectors with short-term (by 2020), medium-term (by 2025) and long-term target outlooks (beyond 2025). One of the important documents adopted by Azerbaijani government was the Employment Strategy for 2019-2030 that encompassed most of the targets and indicators contained in SDG 8.

The diagnostic takes a look at the productive diversification of the economy and its labour market, the transition to formality process, and the activity rates by age and gender, amongst others. It also looks at the implications of these into the development of policies for achieving better labor market results under SDG 8 and how government has addressed these.