UN Women - ILO Policy Tool

UN Women - ILO Joint Programme Synthesis Report, Argentina

This study synthesizes the results of the analysis of the gendered employment impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in Argentina taking as inputs the diagnostic studies developed as part of the technical assistance provided to government authorities, employers’, and workers’ organizations, under the UN Women-ILO Joint Programme, to assess and identify policy options to promote a transition to employment-intensive, care-centered and equitable economies for women and men in the long term.

Argentina is one of five countries in the world and the only one in Latin America to be part of this joint initiative, whose objectives are: 1) to build consensus for the adoption of economic policies aimed at inclusive growth with gender equality and more and better jobs for women; 2) to contribute to the adoption of sectoral policies that reduce occupational and sectoral segregation and improve women’s access to decent work opportunities; and 3) to ensure investments in the care economy, so as to ensure their financing and implementation.

The results of the document articulated with the development and application of policy tools linked to the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic contribute to raise awareness of gender gaps in women’s employment in strategic and critical productive sectors; as well as to develop baseline information to serve as a basis for generating concrete actions to adopt a comprehensive employment policy with a gender perspective to create decent employment for women.