UN Women - ILO Policy Tool

Sectoral potential for the creation of female jobs and proposed avenues to achieve gender equality on the labour market.

A Moroccan Perspective

The declining rate of female employment in Morocco during the last decades means that more and more women are deprived of several opportunities to empower themselves and take up paid jobs. It also means that the economy cannot draw on human resources which can contribute to increasing the GDP through multiple channels including the supply of an additional pool of skills to companies.

Any strategy that aims to promote the employment of women and their economic empowerment must provide more and higher quality jobs generated by sectors that pay high wages. The reduction or elimination of inequalities between women and men at all levels of the labour market is also a necessary step. In the present report, we will revisit some issues related to the employment of women in the Moroccan economy. The last part of this analysis explores the sectors of the economy that constitute the main sources of employment for Moroccan women.

After this review, we will draw on the data presented in the mapping study and review the distribution of female employment in different sectors, occupations and statuses. we will also investigate the nature and scope of gaps observed on the labour market between women and men in order to submit proposals that can help promoting gender-equitable employment.