Kenya Country Study

Analysis of the State of Labour-Based Technology in Kenya: A Review of Current Practice since 2005

This report captures the analysis of the state of affairs and progress over the last 2 years, since 2005, and including certain areas that were not covered by the Mombasa Statement but central to the success of LBT locally. It describes in some detail, constraints that are likely to slow down progress of labourbased approaches (LBA) in infrastructure development in Kenya.

Meeting document | Durban, South Africa | 01 September 2007
Following the 11th Regional seminar in October 2005, by Labour-based Practitioners on integrating Labour-based Approach (LBA) for Socio-Economic Development in Mombasa, a resolution was made to uphold, mainstream, and upscale the use of LBA in the provision of infrastructure and related services in order to create wealth especially among the poor communities via the following strategies:
I. Creation of an enabling environment (through formulation of LBT1 supportive policies, efficient institutional framework, appropriate legislation, and setting up of conducive contract conditions),
II. Capacity building (through research, training and awareness creation),
III. Increased allocation of resources (financial, equipment and information/data), and
IV. Mainstreaming cross-cutting issues such as gender, HIV/AIDS, governance and environmental protection.
During the above mentioned seminar, participants reviewed progress made by various countries towards Arusha Seminar held in October 2003 for Labourbased
Practitioners based on its recommendations. Upon the conclusion of the Mombasa Seminar, a Statement was prepared which recommended that
practitioners with support from ILO (International Labour Organization) monitor the implementation of the above outlined plans. The forthcoming 12th Seminar to
be held in October 2007 in Durban, South Africa, is meant to make a follow-up on the progress made towards the Mombasa Statement.
The key purpose for this report is to analyse and review the progress made since the year 2005 based on the Mombasa Statement − it seeks to analyse the state of LBT and progress made towards the same since 2005. Further, the report outlines significant developments in terms of incremental progress realised through any of the four strategies highlighted above.