Country employment policy analysis and development

All countries face the challenges of open unemployment and underemployment and for many, poverty eradication remains a priority goal.

EMP/POLICY together with field Offices, supports the review and development of country employment strategies to tackle these challenges, within a comprehensive perspective that includes analysis of macro-economic policy, sectoral strategies, focus on particular target groups, youth, women and local employment strategies. It supports Governments in formulating their National Employment Policies ( NEPs) and in integrating employment goals and strategies in National development Plans and Poverty Reduction Strategise ( PRSs) . Through promotion of tripartite dialogues, country priorities and strategies are reviewed with a view to strengthening the employment content of development strategies, economic policies and investments. Support is given for monitoring the impact of national strategies and for increasing and re-orienting development resources and investments in national budgets, including through the mobilization of external development aid and loans from multi-lateral institutions, to realizing the employment goals.

Country-level employment policies are supported by ILO through its unit known as EMP/CEPOL. The main purpose of this unit is to respond to country requests for support and information about how best to ensure issues of employment are addressed at the national policy level.