The ILO’s Youth Employment Action Plan (YEAP) 2020-30

YEAP objective: To effectively make a difference in securing a better future of work for young people by promoting a human-centred, pro-youth job rich recovery from the COVID crisis, and beyond.

News | 10 May 2022

Figure: A human centred approach as outlined in the Centenary Declaration (in light green) combined with the 5 pillars of the 2012 Youth Employment Call to Action (in blue).

Implemented through The ILO’s Interdepartmental Action Group on Youth Employment (IDAG)
A One ILO approach: including specialist from all technical department and field offices
Accountability with ILO constituents through regular reports to the ILO’s Governing Body
Strengthening policy areas, among others:
  • social dialogue with and for youth
  • digitalisation and youth employment
  • occupational safety and health for youth
  • labour market policies for youth
  • mainstreaming youth employment in national employment policies
  • national action plans for youth employment
  • employment rights for youth

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EMPLOYMENT Seminar on youth employment and COVID 21 October 2021

The WISIS (World Summit on the Information Society):

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