Presentation from webinar

Nature-based Recovery can create jobs, deliver growth and provide value for nature, presented by Leander Raes

Webinar - Public Works and Public Employment Programmes: What role in socioeconomic recovery?

Presentation | 21 October 2021
Session 2:
There is work to do! Public investment to create jobs in green and care sectors

Slides from Leander Raes' presentation: Nature-based Recovery can create jobs, deliver growth and provide value for nature.
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Dr Leander Raes, is an economist part of IUCN’s Economic Knowledge Unit. The main tasks of the Economist include applied research, project management, drafting of reports, proposals and publications, application of economic tools and providing economic insights throughout IUCN programmes and projects. Leander Raes contributes to the application of economic tools and thinking (natural capital assessments, cost-benefit analysis, evaluation of job creation) to issues affecting biodiversity and ecosystems, and their management and decision support to private and public sector with respect to the management of ecosystem dependencies and impacts. Special emphasis of the Economist is to provide technical capacity and expertise to support and develop sub-national, national and global economic analyses of Nature-based Solutions (NbS), as well as to support and develop IUCN’s work stream related to public and private financing for NbS, the development of business cases for NbS, and the economics of marine plastics.