YouthPOL – ILO’s database on Youth Employment Policies and Legislation

What is YouthPOL?

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YouthPOL is an on-line inventory of current policies and legislation affecting youth employment.

YouthPOL provides policy makers, researchers and practitioners with relevant and up-to-date information on policy responses for youth employment. Our aim is to contribute to the promotion of decent work for youth through the expansion and consolidation of the knowledge base on youth employment and legislation.

Providing quality information on youth employment across countries, regions and target groups in 6 areas:

• Macroeconomic and sectoral policy
• Enterprise development
• Education and training
• Labour demand
• Labour law and legislation
• Labour market policy

Expansion and support YouthPOL is expanded and updated on a regular basis thanks to the support of several contributors. We look to further develop partnerships in order to cover more countries and world regions.

Up until now, YouthPOL has received the financial support from:

• The MasterCard Foundation
• Government of Japan
• The ILO Youth Employment Programme