Servicio de conocimientos teóricos y prácticos y empleabilidad: Personal


Branch Chief


Srinivas B Reddy

Branch Chief

Support services

Axelle De Miller


Annette Brandstater


Rosemary Boamah

Secretary (Technical Cooperation)

Louise Mbabazi-Kamina

Secretary (Technical Cooperation)

Priority work areas of the Branch:

Skills development policies and systems

Paul Comyn

Senior Skills and Employability Specialist

Kazutoshi Chatani

Skills Development Officer


Work-based learning, apprenticeships and recognition of prior learning

Ashwani Aggarwal

Senior Skills and Employability Specialist


Skills strategies for future labour markets

Olga Strietska-Ilina

Senior Skills and Employability Specialist

Skills for social inclusion

Christine Hofmann

Skills and Employability Specialist

James Windell

Senior Skills and Employability Specialist

Cross-cutting support

Jeannette Sanchez

Manager, Skills Knowledge Sharing Platform

Technical Cooperation

Cezar Dragutan

Chief Technical Adviser

Con Gregg

Technical Specialist, Skills Anticipation

Bolormaa Tumurchudur-Klok

Technical Officer

Valentina Barcucci

Technical Officer

Marcelo Cuautle Segovia

Programme and Communication Officer

Angelica Muñoz Marmolejo

Technical Officer

Skills and employability specialists in ILO field offices


Laura Brewer

Senior Skills and Employability Specialist DWT Pretoria

Ntéba Soumano

Specialist, Skills and Employability

DWT Yaoundé/CO-Kinshasa

Maria Ilca Lima Webster

Specialist, Skills and Employability



Michael Axmann

Skills and Enterprise Specialist, ILO/CINTERFOR, Montevideo

Alvaro Ramirez Bogantes

Skills and Enterprise Specialist,

DWT-San José

Hassan Ndahi

Senior Specialist, Skills and Employability

DWT-Port of Spain, Caribbean

Fernando Vargas Zuñiga

Specialist, Vocational Training and Human Resources Development,


Arab States

Patrick Daru

Senior Skills and Employability Specialist, RO/DWT-Beirut

Asia and Pacific

Akiko Sakamoto

Specialist, Skills and Employability,

DWT-Bangkok, Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands, Manila

Gabriel Bordado

Specialist, Skills and Employability, DWT/CO-New Delhi

Julien Magnat

Specialist, Skills and Employability, DWT-Bangkok


Alessandra Molz

Specialist, Skills and Employability