Policy briefs and technical papers

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Policy briefs

Policy brief
Early intervention measures and youth employment
This brief reviews the implementation of early intervention measures within national YG plans and analyses the interactions between prevention and curative policies and their effectiveness in addressing the difficulties young people face at different stages in the life-course.

Policy brief
Outreach strategies for young NEETs
This brief analyses the outreach approaches and strategies that target young people who are inactive with the objective of supporting them in entering the labour market or re-engaging in education and training activities. In particular, it explores the practices implemented through national YG schemes in support of inactive young people to re-enter the labour market or return to education and training.
  Policy brief
Activation strategies for youth employment
This brief reviews the strategies to support unemployed young people in finding work. It is based on the analysis of evidence of similar strategies that have been put in place by EU countries over the past two decades.

Policy brief
Labour market integration measures for young people
This brief reviews the key features of labour market integration measures for young people. It benchmarks the lessons learnt from the evaluation of similar measures that have been implemented by EU countries over the past two decades with the main features of labour market integration measures of the Youth Guarantees (YG). It focuses on the lessons learnt from the design, targeting and implementation of second chance programmes, labour market training, apprenticeships, traineeships, wage subsidies and self-employment schemes.

Technical papers

Technical paper
Garantía Juvenil en España: Enseñanzas extraídas (in Spanish only)
This paper reviews lessons and experience from the implementation of the Youth Guarantee in the Autonomous Communities of Spain. The practices highlighted in the paper provide examples of measures that are carried out within the Youth Guarantee Implementation Plan.

Technical paper
Methods for developing statistical profiles of NEETs: The case of Portugal
This brief explores the individual characteristics of young people in the NEET category, geographical distribution and probability of inactivity (by individual characteristics and regional distribution). It is based on the analysis of micro-data produced by the National Statistical Institute of Portugal.

Technical paper

Mapping outreach practices to support inactive young people in re-entering education or gaining employment
This paper reviews the strategies that have proven effective in reaching out to inactive young people and supporting them back into education or employment. It highlights the diversity of the target group, explores the concept of outreach and identifies the key elements for effective outreach and early intervention that aim to engage inactive young people in education or labour market initiatives.
Technical paper
Towards a methodology to estimate the social costs and benefits of the Youth Guarantee: A background paper
This paper identifies the main elements for estimating the social cost-benefits of the Youth Guarantee (YG).
Technical paper
A literature review of the main elements for a social-cost benefit analysis of Youth Guarantees
The aim of this paper is to review the current literature relating to social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA) with a view to developing a methodology for the assessment of youth employment policies and, more specifically, the Youth Guarantee (YG).