February 2024

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    Question and Answers: Part II, Two decades of national employment policies report, 2000-2020

    12 February 2024

    Since the early 2000s, the ILO has increasingly been assisting countries to support the development of integrated and comprehensive employment policies. This Q&A provides insights on Part II of the publication “Two decades of national employment policies 2000-2020: Towards a new generation of national employment policies (NEPs)”. The review – the first of its kind - analyses the main characteristics and trends in national employment policies across the world and over time. The review highlights that a new generation of employment policies will need to pursue some existing challenges while also addressing new ones.

January 2024

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    EMPLOYMENT Department Newsletter, January/February 2024

    25 January 2024

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    How can we close the skills gap? Quality apprenticeships and the future of work

    18 January 2024

    The world of work is undergoing profound change. These changes are creating skills gaps, mismatches and shortages that are resulting in unfilled jobs and lost productivity. To close this skills gap, the ILO’s social partners – governments, employers, and workers – have adopted a sweeping new international labour standard focused on updating its approach to skills and quality apprenticeships.

  3. Developing sustainable and inclusive employment policies and interventions for a Just Transition

    This event highlights the Green Employment Diagnostics guidelines, designed to support countries in understanding and responding to the opportunities and threats posed by climate and environmental change and formulating policy responses to promote just transition.

  4. Disability-inclusion in Public Employment Services (PES) in Asia Pacific

    This webinar will discuss the key findings of a research on disability-inclusion in public employment services (PES) in the Asia Pacific region, with a focus on case studies from China, the Philippines, and Viet Nam. The event will also review key aspects for PES to consider to advance disability-inclusion.

  5. Interactive dialogue and launch of Work Wise Youth: A guide to youth rights at work

    The webinar will feature an interactive and inter-generational dialogue on the importance of promoting youth rights at work for individuals, businesses and societies, and launch "Work Wise Youth: A guide to youth rights at work". The guide is intended to support ILO constituents and other stakeholders in their initiatives aimed at raising young people's awareness of their rights at work, with a focus on those in forced displacement contexts.

December 2023

  1. Guidelines on Green Employment Diagnostics for Just Transitions

    21 December 2023

    Supporting countries understand and respond to the opportunities and threats posed by climate change, and policy responses to promote just transitions

  2. ILO launches first global report on public employment services and active labour market policies for transitions

    11 December 2023

    Public employment services have a central role in responding to crises and fostering recovery to ensure efficient and well-functioning labour markets. This Q&A provides details from the first global report by the ILO on public employment services, shedding light on the latest developments and trends of employment services and active labour market policies.

  3. Youth Leadership in Action: The future we cannot afford to ignore

    In the context of the Global Refugee Forum, the ILO is supporting the linked event on Youth Leadership in Action. The event is organized to support the Global Multi-Stakeholder Pledge to Support Work With, For & By Young People in Displacement and brings together multiple stakeholders for a dynamic dialogue on the crucial role of young refugees in global humanitarian and development processes.

November 2023

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    Employment Policy Department Newsletter, Nov/Dec 2023

    24 November 2023