Employment Seminar Series

Macroeconomic policies, national employment strategies and employment promotion in development cooperation: Experience and lessons learnt – the results of two GIZ desk studies

Presenter: Georg Schaefer, Advisor, Sector Project “Employment Promotion in Development Cooperation“, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Discussants: Eléonore D’Achon, CEPOL; Aurelio Parisotto, CEPOL; Ekkehard Ernst, RESEARCH
Chair: Sangheon Lee, Director, EMPLOYMENT

There is growing recognition that promoting and sustaining decent jobs requires integrated national policy frameworks that go beyond labour market policies and embrace a vast array of measures in complementary areas. However, partner countries, development agencies and international organizations are finding it difficult to factor such complexities into their employment programmes and projects, including how to accurately design a comprehensive national employment strategy, ensure its implementation, determine what factors account for its success and influence macroeconomic policies that have a major impact on the demand side of the labour market. Within the framework of two desk studies, GIZ has examined the experiences of a number of countries with a view to collecting lessons to enhance the impact of their employment-related advisory services and technical assistance.

Georg Schaefer
Georg Schaefer is an economist at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), an implementing organisation of German international cooperation. He works as an advisor in the Sector Project on “Employment Promotion in Development Cooperation”, with a main focus on employment-oriented economic policy, national employment strategies, the future of work, and green jobs. In the past he served, among others, as head of the Economic Section Africa and advisor in the Senegalese Ministry of Economy, Finance and Planning.