107th International Labour Conference: Facebook interviews

Facebook interviews featuring representatives of the ILO Employment Policy Department.

Article | 04 June 2018
ILO Facebook Live: 31 May, 2018: How can we meet the youth employment Challenge?

There are more than 66 million unemployed youth worldwide and 145 million young workers living in poverty: Youth employment remains a global challenge. Dorothea Schmidt-Klau, Head of the Management and Coordination Unit, and Felix Weidenkaff, Youth Employment Technical Officer, both from the Employment Policy Department, provided responses to the challenges faced by young people entering the workforce and what the ILO is doing to help them. Listen to the interview.
Link to the above interview on the ILO Youtube channel.

ILO Facebook Live: 1 June, 2018: How to be ready for the jobs of the future?

The world of work is changing fast and with it the types of skills needed by employers. How will current employees, future job seekers and companies cope with this shift and prepare themselves for the future of work? Srinivas Reddy, Chief of the Skills and Employability Branch, Olga Strietska-Ilina, Senior Skills and Employability Specialist, and Heinz Koller, Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia, were the experts on hand to discuss the issue and respond to questions raised on Facebook. Listen to the interview.

ILO Facebook Live: 7 June, 2018: Peace, Resilience and Decent Work

Conflict and natural disaster have a profound impact on the working lives of women and men. How can decent work help them not only recover from crises situations but also prepare for future crises and even prevent some of them? Ruba Aradat, ILO Regional Director for the Arab States, and Donato Kiniger-Passigli, Senior Specialist, Crisis Response-Partnerships-Resource Mobilization, Employment Policy Department discuss this topic and take questions via a live conversation on Facebook. Listen to the interview.