Employment working papers

  1. Challenges for the ECB in times of deflation

    Francesco Saraceno

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 183

  2. Development central banking: A review of issues and experiences

    Gerald Epstein

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 182

  3. Monetary transmission in low-income countries: An overview

    Peter J. Montiel

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 181

  4. Employment in a time of high growth in India

    Ajit K. Ghose

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 180

  5. Inclusive growth and productive employment in Zambia

    Claire Harasty, Miranda Kwong, Per Ronnås

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 179

  6. The employment dimension of infrastructure investments: A guide for employment impact assessment

    Christoph Ernst, Steve Miller, Marc Van Imschoot

    Employment Working Paper No. 178

  7. Vocational teachers and trainers in a changing world: the imperative of high-quality teacher training systems

    Michael Axmann, Amy Rhoades, and Lee Nordstrum with contributions from Josée-Anne La Rue and Michelle Byusa

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 177

  8. Urgent plan to activate the Egyptian economy: An employment impact assessment

    Christoph Ernst, Marianela Sarabia

    Employment Working Paper No. 176

  9. Role of the Central Bank in supporting economic diversification and productive employment in Cambodia

    Vouthy Khou Oudom Cheng Soklong Leng Channarith Meng

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 175

  10. Structural change, employment and education in Mozambique

    Theo Sparreboom Anita Staneva

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 174