Employment working papers

  1. Publication

    Good practices in using partnerships for the delivery of employment services in Colombia

    Zulum Avila

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 225

  2. Publication

    Labour market institutions and youth labour markets: Minimum wages and youth employment revisited

    Niall O’Higgins, Valentino Moscariello

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 223

  3. Publication

    Gender dimensions of employment trends and future of work: Where would women work next?

    Naoko Otobe

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 222

  4. Publication

    Studies on employment and extractive industry-dominated African countries

    Chijioke J. Evoh

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 221

  5. Publication

    Rethinking fiscal policy: Lessons from the European Monetary Union (EMU)

    Francesco Saraceno

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 219

  6. Publication

    Long-term unemployment in Central Europe: A review of its nature and determinants in five countries

    Alena Nesporova

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 218

  7. Publication

    Understanding the drivers of rural vulnerability: Towards building resilience, promoting socio-economic empowerment and enhancing the socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized populations for an effective promotion of Decent Work in rural economies

    Alfredo Lazarte

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 214

  8. Publication

    Pro-employment budgeting in the United Republic of Tanzania: A country study

    Debbie Budlender

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 213

  9. Publication

    Zambia’s Employment Outlook: Diversification, Formalization and Education

    Pauline Ravillard

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 212

  10. Publication

    The role of investment incentives for structural transformation: A comparative analysis of investment incentives legislation in developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia

    Rossana Galli

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 211