First edition

Global Employment Policy Review 2020: Employment Policies for Inclusive Structural Transformation

The Global Employment Policy Review (GEPR) examines trends in employment policies while at the same time presenting new and innovative solutions to the challenges of policy design and implementation. In this first edition, the report focuses on the issue of structural transformation.

The Global Employment Policy Review (GEPR) is a new biennial publication initiated by the ILO’s Employment Policy Department. The purpose of the GEPR is to further the ILO’s contribution to global employment policy debates by giving greater visibility to ongoing policy-oriented research as well as to spur new policy-oriented research.

At the core of the GEPR are a set of thematic chapters addressing both persistent and emerging policy challenges, not shying from those that are difficult or indeed contentious. Each chapter is meant to be self-contained and represent the viewpoints of the authors of their respective chapters, while endeavouring to present clear policy messages. At the same time, the chapters are selected to best demonstrate the ILO's current thinking on global employment policy challenges. The GEPR puts particular emphasis on challenges of policy design and implementation, so that the chapters have as much relevance as possible to countries in the process of developing and introducing new employment policies as well as reforming existing ones.

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