A Market Systems Analysis of the Fruit and Vegetables Sector Sidama & Amhara, Ethiopia

ILO ProAgro Ethiopia –‘Promotion of Decent Work in Agribusiness’ project funded by the BMZ Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation, conducted a market systems analysis (MSAs) in the fruits and vegetables sector in the Amhara and Sidama regions.

The fruits and vegetables sector has evolved quite substantially in Ethiopia over the last 20 years, particularly notable is a very considerable production and consumption growth. Along with this growth has been a rise in production costs, which has limited wider uptake of more productive fruit and vegetable farming methods as well the end product cost. This has made the sector uncompetitive internationally, expensive for local consumption and limited the opportunity for value addition, given that it is cheaper to import processed fruit rather than process it domestically.

In looking at the sector’s lack of competitiveness and poor opportunities for female workers, this analysis has flagged that the poor productivity and high product losses, the high costs and unavailability of inputs, and poor factory level working conditions as the three most pressing issues to address. This assessment has identified interventions which will provide entry points for the project to consider moving forward.