Evaluating Youth Employment Programmes: An Executive Course

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The course objective was to expose participants to advanced skills on conducting randomized evaluations of youth employment programmes.

Upon participation, participants proved to:
  • have improved or updated their comprehension of concepts and methods of quantitative impact evaluation;
  • have reviewed and tested impact evaluation methods and techniques, such as randomized control trials;
  • be in a better position to identify the most pertinent type of impact evaluation with regards to specific project constraints, institutional and national contexts, and within specific budgetary, time and data constraints.

Lecture presentations

  1. Introduction to impact evaluation
  2. Measurement
  3. Generating Skilled Youth Self-Employment
  4. How to Randomize?
  5. Sampling and Sample Size
  6. Threats and Analysis
  7. Business training to boost women entrepreneurship and empowerment?
  8. Cost-effectiveness analysis and scaling up

Group presentations

  1. Youth Entrepreneurship Venture Capital Fund
  2. Promoting youth employment through entrepreneurship trainings, mentorship and start-up capital
  3. Evaluating Trauma Healing Training among youth/community members
  4. Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO)
  5. Girl’s Empowerment: the best contraceptive in Tanzania?