World Day for Decent Work: Conference on quality employment for young people

At the Occasion of the World Day for Decent Work on October 7, the ILO participated to the Decent Work for all conference organised by the National Youth Council (CNJ) in Cascais, Portugal. The event reunited more than 60 participants and aimed to foster intersectoral and intergenerational dialogue on the importance of decent work and quality employment.

The Conference was a collaborative effort between the European Youth Forum (EYF), the Portuguese Institute for sport and Youth (IPDJ); the city council of Cascais (CMC), the Commission for equality in labour and employment (CITE) and the ILO.

The focus of the presentations was put on youth employment and decent work as a key factor in the empowerment of young people. Interventions from participants guided the working groups which debated on the strategic document being prepared by the Decent Work Group of the CNJ. The document will be translated into a number of proposals urging the Government to modify the current employment situation. The Conference was a forum for debates and dialogues, allowing young people to discuss and propose changes.

The working groups were the following:
  1. School-to-work transition
  2. Precariousness and relations with atypical forms of work
  3. Dual market structure
  4. Work/life balance in the professional life
  5. Social security: which model
Proposals presented by working groups ranged from protecting and promoting the empowerment of young people, to pay all professional internships and better access to information on labour rights.

You can find more information about the event here