Promoting Economic Diversity in Ukraine: The role of the business enabling environment, skills policies and export promotion

In response to the global financial and economic crisis, the ILO is providing Ukrainian constituents with advice on ways of mitigating the impact of the crisis on Ukraine and strengthening the Ukrainian economy against possible future external shocks. In this context the ILO is in the process of formulating policy advice on how to increase economic diversification through strengthening the business enabling environment with a focus on skill endowments and export orientation. In the context two sectoral focus group discussions took place in March, one on the basic metal and metal processing industry and one on the tourism industry with a focus on the hotel sector. Employer, worker and government representatives were invited together with representatives from public and private education and training institutions and representatives from the International Chamber of Commerce, to discuss the role of skills, export promotion and the general business environment for enhanced diversification of the Ukrainian economy. More information can be found under the following links.