Global challenges – Global solutions

Audio | 11 March 2022
In today’s world of work the only certainty is change. The future of work is being shaped by globalization, digitalization, climate change and demographic shifts that impact labour markets worldwide. While these trends provide opportunities for the creation of new jobs, they also come with challenges, including the risk of deteriorating working conditions, further labour market disaggregation, difficult labour market transitions for workers and a lack of capacities to profit from the newly created jobs. These changes, compounded by the Covid pandemic, have caused great turmoil in our lives. But they also provide opportunities for moving towards a better tomorrow.

This new season of the Employment podcast series focuses attention on actions underway or planned to forge a human-centred recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 crisis that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient. It will also highlight policy approaches to assist ILO constituents in their efforts to promote labour market recovery that will help shift economies to a new and better world of work.

Episode 1: Are we doing all we can to address ageing in the world of work?