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The Employment Sector Information and Documentation centre offers ILO Officials both at Headquarters and the field, ILO constituents, journalists, students and others a range of services to meet your information needs.

This includes access to the Sector's free publications, research assistance, loans from the Employment Sector's or the ILO Library's collection, guidance on how to use information resources and on-line research tools effectively. The Centre also organises displays of its own as well as other ILO publications during special events.

Recent publications

  1. Publication

    Employment Policy Department Newsletter, Nov/Dec 2022

    25 November 2022

  2. Report

    Pakistan floods 2022: Post Disaster Needs Assessment

    01 November 2022

  3. Publication

    Employment Policy Department Newsletter, Sept/Oct 2022

    26 September 2022

  4. Publication

    Future of Work, Emerging Sectors and the Potential for Transition to Formality

    12 September 2022

  5. Report

    The Impact of Trade and Investment Policies on Productive and Decent Work

    01 September 2022

    Country Report for Egypt - METI Programme

  6. Practical guide

    How to work in the green economy? Guide for young people, job seekers and those who support them

    01 September 2022

    When choosing professional future, many young people, sensitive to planetary issues, would like their future job to be consistent with their convictions and help to bend the carbon curve. However, for non-specialists, the green economy is still very vague. Which careers to go to? What skills to acquire? This guide aims to provide them with answers.

  7. Publication

    The evaluation of policies promoting the transition to formality

    31 August 2022

  8. Green recovery with jobs through employment policies

    Guidelines for shaping employment policies that support a green recovery and a just transition

    30 August 2022

    Theses Guidelines assist ILO constituents and supporting technical specialists to design and implement employment policies that enhance a green recovery from the Covid-19 crisis and also contribute to a just transition over the long term