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  1. Publication

    Multinational enterprises in the plantation sector: Labour relations, employment, working conditions and welfare facilities,Working Paper No. 93

    01 January 2006

    The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of the current situation in light of the principles of the MNE Declaration. The paper is based on the findings of research undertaken by an ILO team that visited Uganda at the beginning of 2003.

  2. Publication

    Direct employment in multinational enterprises: Trends and implications, MULTI Working Paper No. 101

    01 January 2006

    This paper aims to examine the recent trends from a long-term perspective, and by utilizing both financial and employment data, provide a static as well as dynamic picture of the employment situation of global production undertaken by MNEs.The paper is primarily devoted to the examination of the quantitative picture of employment in MNEs. Equally relevant and important is the qualitative aspect of employment. Nonetheless, besides wage data, the lack of comprehensive and systematic data specific to MNEs on aspects such as conditions of work, social protection and industrial relations, has precluded an in-depth examination of the qualitative aspects in this paper.

  3. Publication

    Youth reinventing co-operatives : young perspectives on the international co-operative movement

    31 December 2005

    The British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies (BCICS), in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), and the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) have prepared a book demonstrating how young people around the world use co-operatives to meet their economic and social needs.

  4. Publication

    Leadership training manual for women leaders of cooperatives

    05 October 2005

  5. Publication

    VimoSEWA, India - Good and bad practices in Microinsurance

    01 October 2005

    CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance Good and Bad Practices - Case Study No. 16 (Electronic Resource)

  6. Publication

    Nepal and Pakistan - Micro-finance and microenterprise development: Their contribution to the economic empowerment of women

    01 March 2005

    SEED Working Paper No. 69

  7. Publication

    Guidelines for cooperative legislation, second revised edition

    01 February 2005

    Provides guidance on how to draft a cooperative law.

  8. Publication

    Women entrepreneurs in Pakistan : how to improve their bargaining power

    01 January 2005

  9. Publication

    The other India at work : job quality in micro and small enterprise clusters

    01 January 2005

  10. Instructional material

    Assessing the influence of the business environment on small enterprise employment – An assessment guide - SEED Working Paper No. 71E

    01 January 2005

    Provides guidance on assessing the effect of external influences on employment in small enterprises. Covers three topics of assessment: profiling small enterprises and small enterprise employment; assessing the policy, legal and regulatory framework for small enterprise development; and assessing markets and the business environment for small enterprises.