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  1. Press release

    ILO-SCORE Conference on Training projects for supply chain sustainability

    09 November 2020

    ILO SCORE China organized the “Conference on sustainability training projects in supply chains” in Guangzhou on 29-30 Oct 2020. The conference focused on the sustainable development of global supply chains, and shared the practice and value of promoting sustainable supply chains. The participants discussed the challenges and opportunities of supply chain training projects and outlined some suggestions for the way forward.

  2. News

    On the occasion of ILO COOP Centennial, APCE presents a selection of 12 articles that have shaped our understanding of cooperatives and wider social and solidarity economy

    06 November 2020

  3. Article

    ILO COOP Chiefs across time

    03 November 2020

    This page provides bibliographies of the chiefs and heads of the ILO's Cooperatives Unit since its establishment in 1920.

  4. Brief

    Formally Challenged

    02 November 2020

    Tackling Informality in Market System Development projects

  5. Brief

    Formally Challenged

    02 November 2020

    Tackling Informality in Market System Development projects

  6. Publication

    SCORE Training - Promoting the capacity of suppliers in global supply chains

    02 November 2020

  7. News

    ILO COOP eNews - October issue

    30 October 2020

  8. News

    The ILO chaired a session on civil and public initiatives to consolidate the SSE at the GSEF Global Virtual Forum

    29 October 2020

  9. ILO COOP 100 Interview

    ILO COOP 100 Interview with Colombia Pérez Muñoz, Director of the Institute of Social Economy and Co-operativism INDESCO - Cooperative University of Colombia

    28 October 2020

    Established in March 1920, the ILO’s Cooperatives Unit marks its Centenary in 2020. On this occasion, the ILO COOP 100 Interview series features past and present ILO colleagues and key partners who were closely engaged in the ILO's work on cooperatives and the wider social and solidarity economy (SSE). The interviews reflect on their experience and contributions in the past and shares their thoughts on the future of cooperatives and the SSE in a changing world of work.

  10. Brief

    Getting Beyond Tier 1

    27 October 2020

    Using a systems approach to improve working conditions in global supply chains