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    Educación financiera: formación de formadores y certificación de la OIT

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    Financial education: training of trainers and ILO certification

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    Launch Webinar | Digitalise your Business guide

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    Enterprises Monthly Newsletter

    03 October 2022

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    ILO COOP eNewsUpdate

    03 October 2022

    Every month, the ILO COOP eNewsletter highlights recent news and developments on cooperatives by the ILO and partners.

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    The Social and Solidarity Economy as an agent of social innovation in Africa

    03 October 2022

    An ILO research report on the contribution of SSE to social innovation in Africa is now available in English and French

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    Building Bridges 2022

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    The Ministry of Labour of Argentina promotes strategies for green jobs and just transition

    30 September 2022

    Throught the UN Partnership Action on Green Economy, the ILO has worked closely with the Ministry of Labour of Argentina in supporting green jobs and a just transition.

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    The ILO Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work project inaugurates Project Advisory Committee in Ghana

    30 September 2022

    On 14 September 2022, the ILO Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work project inaugurated the Project Advisory Committee to serve as a steering committee and guide the implementation of project activities in Ghana.

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    Social Finance Update

    29 September 2022

    Each month, Social Finance shares the latest insights into financial sector developments and Decent Work. This page gives an overview of all the Social Finance Updates released so far.