MSME Day 2021

SCORE Training stepping up to ensure MSMEs improve their productivity and working conditions even during difficult times

The SCORE programme has been encouraged to adapt and expand its training offer due to the health challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the looming economic and environmental threats, and the commitment of SCORE Training partners around the world to provide relevant assistance to SMEs. Working to improving productivity and working conditions in SMEs, this MSME Day on 27th June 2021 is an occasion to take a look at all the tools that SCORE Training makes available to SMEs to face the current health and economic challenges, to reinforce their activities and prepare for future crises.

Article | 23 June 2021

A solid foundation helps SMEs improve productivity and working conditions

In over 10 years of SCORE Training experience, almost 3'000 SMEs have benefited from the lessons & knowledge conveyed. Always starting with the Workplace Cooperation module, companies then choose whether to deepen their learning with modules on quality, human resources management, resource efficiency, and occupational health and safety measures in order to respond to the challenges they have encountered. Since the original SCORE Training offering, the portfolio has expanded to offer more and more training modules tailored to the general challenges faced by SMEs but also to the specific challenges of crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the years and through participation in SCORE Training modules, SMEs have been able to achieve very good results and report improvements in areas they did not think were so easy to implement. For example, more than three-quarters of companies that participated in SCORE Training reported that they reduced their costs as a direct result of the training. Excellent results are also achieved by SMEs in the areas of workplace risk reduction, human resource management, energy savings and increased productivity. The initial 5 modules - Workplace Cooperation, Quality Improvement, Resource Efficiency, Safety and Health at Work, and Workforce Management - provided a solid foundation for SMEs to learn the basics of workplace cooperation to ensure business competitiveness. For over 1,100 companies that have completed the Safety and Health at Work module, they accidents resulting from a lack of knowledge of safety measures and awareness of hazards in the workplace do not impact potential gains.

How SCORE Training has supported SMEs
Global results to December 2020

Strengthening training offering to meet specific challenges and contribute to gender equality in the workplace

The five core modules of SCORE Training enabled companies to address what were considered as their main challenges. But over the years and through the training experience, some more specific challenges started to emerge. The successof SCORE Training and the smooth implementation of the initial modules allowed the SCORE programme to focus more precisely and efficiently on these more specific issues. In particular, the need to better equip and learn about contractual and legal requirements in global supply chains has encouraged the development of modules on Responsible Business and Working Time.

A module on Hospitality Coaching, specific to the tourism industry, was also developed to help hotels and restaurants better understand their customers’ expectations and meet their quality requirements. Likewise, companies facing major productivity problems can deepen their learning with the specific module on Lean Manufacturing. To ensure that the training was accessible to everyone, the SCORE Basics module was developed, taking up the main teachings points of the initial modules in a less in-depth manner.

In addition to the objectives of improving the working conditions and productivity of companies, the SCORE programme is committed to contributing to other sustainable development goals and has developed a module on Gender Equality, which is essential today for the proper development of a company. Furthermore, this module was in high demand in many countries as a way to improve the company's productivity.

Virtualization of training and new modules against COVID-19 and to prepare for future crises

The COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated the development of training modules and the way they are delivered. The unprecedented challenges faced by companies forced the creation of modules on COVID-19 Safety & Health at Work and COVID-19 Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to help them implement the best control measures and ensure the continuity of their activities.

These two modules have been added to the wide variety of modules already offered by SCORE Training. Developed specifically for the COVID-19 context, the module on sanitary measures allows for long-term preparation for future health crises. The other module on BCP offers many keys to prepare for future crises.

The offer has thus expanded but it is also the modalities of SCORE Training that have diversified. It was during the COVID-19 crisis that companies needed & demanded the most advice and education from the SCORE programme. However, restrictions put in place to contain the pandemic made it impossible to continue face-to-face training. The training therefore moved online to provide valuable assistance that SMEs were demanding in these difficult times. Now in addition to offering the possibility of face-to-face training where the COVID-19 situation allows, SCORE Training can also be delivered online. In the future, SCORE Training will continue to provide blended learning to the end of this pandemic and beyond.

First delivery of SCORE Training online in China during the outbreak in early 2020

An extended catalogue to face all challenges and crises

Today SCORE Training catalogue has been extended and the modules have been adapted to enable companies to become more competitive by improving their working conditions and productivity. By offering a wide variety of modules, SCORE Training helps MSMEs face their specific and general challenges, while responding and preparing through current and future health, economic and environmental crises.

SCORE Training modules

For any SME that wants to grow sustainably and offer its employees the best working conditions, it has the opportunity to improve many aspects of its operations, ensure its resilience and sustainability, strengthen its ability to participate in global supply chains and take a proactive role in protecting the environment - SCORE Training has the tools to support their journey.

N.B. All SCORE Training starts with a baseline assessment with a highly qualified trainer to identify and prioritise training needs. To find out more about SCORE Training and how it could help your enterprise, contact one of our SCORE Training partners in your country.