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The benefits of collaborative work: continuous improvement

Inclusion and active collaboration of workers with improved working conditions proves key to continuous improvement

Article | 21 September 2020

Company profile

SME nameCIMMSA Corporation S.A
LocationAte District, Lima, Peru
Staff24 workers (4 women)
ProductRefrigeration equipment

SCORE is driving change through increased motivation. SCORE Training has been a very good starting point, we were shown weaknesses in the company and put on track to achieve our goals."
Villacriz Fernández Gilberto, General Manager

CIMMSA Corporation S.A., located in Lima, is a family run business that manufactures and sells refrigeration equipment (refrigerator display cases, frozeers, cold storage equipment, etc.). Its quality management is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, making it more competitive in the national market than pre certification.

CIMMSA participated in SCORE Training and implemented two modules: “Workplace Cooperation” and “Safety & Health at Work”.

In the initial stage of SCORE Training CIMMSA formed an Enterprise Improvement Team (EIT) composed of three managers and two production line operators, in order to accomplish objectives outlined in the Enterprise Improvement Plan. The Plan was jointly designed by workers, supervisors and managers of the company fostering exchange, mutual respect and communication.

The EIT conducted a diagnosis of the firm and identified the following key areas for improvement:
  • Staff worked in a precarious & disorderly environment. here was no designated area for the workers to have lunch, and sanitary facilities were in a poor condition
  • On average, 25% of the raw material (steel) was discarded as waste
  • Customer satisfaction rates were not taken into consideration when considering the operations of the company; sales and high turnover of stock were the only metrics
  • Worker motivation was low
The EIT identified and promoted the following actions in collaboration with a SCORE trainer:
  • Standardization of production processes, labeling of tools, and calibration of machinery as a permanent and continuous process, as well as reduction of waste.
  • Analysis and reduction of delays during the production process facilitating the implementation of ISO 9001 (quality management system). As part of this process satisfaction survey were performed to calculate satisfaction rate of customers.
  • Implementation of a laboratory for testing finished machines in the last stage of production before distribution
  • Creation of a safe, clean and orderly work environment: signs around the workplace, well organized and systematic storage, recovery of space for better mobilization of staff around the workplace
  • Instalment of proper sanitary facilities, dedicated workers’ lunch space and drinking fountains
After the application of the 5S, cleaning and signaling of work areas and passage ways, the EIT proceeded to implement the security protocol with use of appropriate and comfortable uniforms for workers and provision of protective equipment to prevent accidents where risk could not be completely eliminated and to increase workers’ awareness regarding security and safety.

The workplace is much more ordered and cleaner"..."There is more communication and organization among workers."
A worker of CIMMSA's operation department

SCORE Training in pictures

Before SCORE Training - Disordered and unclean cooling areaAfter SCORE Training - More ordered cooling area with specific space for finished products
Before SCORE Training - There was no designated area for finished productsAfter SCORE Training - Finished goods test area with signage and clearly marked walkways

Key results: increased quality & reduced costs

A change of mindset leading to growth

CIMMSA has achieved a more collaborative approach within teams that has contributed to developing continuous improvement actions in the production process. Better working conditions characterized by better communication, respectful interactions among workers and managers as well as improved facilities have all contributed to the success and increased motivation of staff.

There is a perception of improvement, the feeling of inclusion and respect among all employees and the level of communication has improved a lot."
Villacriz Fernández Gilberto, General manager

*5S is a system for organizing spaces so work can be performed efficiently, effectively, and safely. This system focuses on putting everything where it belongs and keeping the workplace clean, which makes it easier for people to do their jobs without wasting time or risking injury.