The SCORE Academy launches in China

The ILO and the SCORE Academy have signed an implementation agreement on the SCORE project in Phase III.

Article | 05 February 2020
SCORE Academy signing the cooperation agreements with service providers

On 22nd January 2020, the ILO and the SCORE Academy signed an implementation agreement on the SCORE project in Phase III. The SCORE Academy will support Decent Work in global supply chains by delivering the ILO SCORE Training in China to suppliers of the world largest corporations. The agreement signing with SCORE Academy marks a milestone for the ILO SCORE project in China.

“SCORE Training will be now be delivered independently by a national organization with technical support from the ILO, ensuring sustainable delivery of SCORE Training in China,” said Michael Elkin, Global Coordinator for the ILO SCORE Programme. The SCORE Academy is establishing a large network of service providers nationally to ensure a broad coverage of SCORE Training throughout the country.

SCORE Training is a modular training package and methodology developed by the ILO SCORE Programme. Through more than 10 years project implementation, SCORE Training, as a well known brand in China, has been recognized as an effective approach to improve productivity, employee-manager cooperation, and working conditions in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SCORE Training focuses on developing cooperative working relations that benefit employees and business. It also promotes international best practices in the manufacturing and service sectors, to help SMEs to participate in global supply chains.

SCORE Academy formally launched in October 2019 through a project kick-off meeting in Shanghai introducing SCORE Training to Global Supply Chains of Amazon’s suppliers in China.