The Future of Work and the challenges faced by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMES).

A Tripartite meeting was organised on 27th June in Peru to celebrate World MSME day 2019

Press release | 28 June 2019

Within the framework of the Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Day, and as part of the activities for its centenary, the International Labour Organization (ILO) brought together workers, entrepreneurs and members of government to discuss the challenges of the future of work for the MSMEs.

The challenges that MSMEs are currently facing for the future of work, especially regarding supply chain development and the innovative vision of the Industry 4.0, were the main focus of a tripartite meeting organized in Lima Peru. The ILO, through the SCORE programme, organized this activity on MSMEs Day, declared by the U.N. General Assembly in 2017.

Representatives of employers´ organizations, workers, government institutions and civil society, participated in this meeting. The attendees had the opportunity to hear companies' experiences around these issues and to learn about the orientation of public policies towards the promotion of MSMEs and their integration in global value chains.

After the opening remarks of Jessica Moscoso, Director of the Productive Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre - CITEmadera, and Hernán Zeballos, National Coordinator of the SCORE Programme in Peru, attendees witnessed a panel on the benefits of supply chain development for MSMEs.

The panellists presented alternative ways to foster the inclusion of MSMEs within the supply chains of larger companies as well as the ways in which this strategy can give MSMEs greater access to the market, while simultaneously generating quality improvement, enhancing delivery times, and creating both new and better jobs.
A panel on innovation strategies focused on the vision of Industry 4.0 and the green economy. Attendees were informed about the current production and labour trends and the different ways in which they can innovate, while increasing productivity and improving working conditions.

Finally, ILO certified CITEmadera´s consultants as SCORE trainers. SCORE Training is a capacity building and technical assistance methodology for SMEs, designed by the ILO and has been validated in more than 11 countries worldwide. This certification validates the transfer of the methodology to CITEmadera, an institution that has set the goal of working with an approach focused on supply chain development for lead buyers and as part of their business services for the wood and furniture sector.

For more information contact:
Olga Orozco, 
SCORE Programme Regional Coordinator
ILO Office Andean Countries
ILO Lima, Peru