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BEDO and SCORE : Together making a difference

SCORE Training’s “unique and holistic approach” has assisted over 1,300 of BEDO’s members to develop and upgrade their manufacturing businesses in Indonesia.

Article | 21 December 2018

Back in 2015, one of BEDO’s trainers was browsing a newspaper and came across an advertisement regarding the Training of Trainers of the SCORE Programme. Attracted by the opportunity to help its SME members improve working conditions and productivity, BEDO sent its two board members to participate in the training in Jakarta and never looked back.

With its base in Bali, BEDO (Business and Export Development Organization) is a non-profit business membership organization that supports small-sized and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. Established in 2005, following the tragic Bali bombings, BEDO started out with monthly meetings sharing business experiences among members and invited guest speakers. It moved on to gain experience in business coaching, for example by implementing an “Export Coaching Programme” with CBI – Netherlands in 2011. Fast forward to 2018 and BEDO now counts over 140 members from various industries who follow the motto “Together we can make a difference”.

20 Trainers trained from the collaboration

BEDO is collaborating with the International Labour Organization (ILO) SCORE programme to deliver SCORE Training since 2015.

“We learned that the ILO’s SCORE Training has a unique and holistic approach that could support the needs of our members in developing and improving their manufacturing businesses”, says Jeff Kristianto, BEDO’s Programme Manager.

Given their experience with business coaching, BEDO quickly incorporated SCORE Training into their portfolio of business trainings for members. Due to high demand, BEDO’s experienced trainers trained more colleagues. Altogether, BEDO has now (in 2018) 20 trained trainers, of which six trainers are certified by ILO and of which two are expert trainers (meaning they are qualified to train other trainers).

BEDO’s training activities gathered pace

ILO monitoring of BEDO’s training activities show that since 2015, more than 1,300 (mostly micro-) enterprises have participated in classroom trainings in 13 Indonesian cities since 2015.

Enterprises showing the most commitment in the classroom are rewarded by on-site consulting visits using the ILO SCORE Training approach. 151 enterprises in 7 provinces have participated in ILO SCORE Training which goes beyond classroom training and provides in-depth assistance through in-factory consulting visits. As a result of the training and consulting support, companies have improved efficiency and reduced defects leading to higher productivity and better working conditions in many enterprises. Spa Factory Bali and Dianatina Ayu Garment are two examples of companies that have benefited from participating in SCORE Training.

“As the company’s owner, I perceive SCORE Training as a valuable training for our employees. The employees are often not doing something not because they did not want to do so, but because they did not know how to do so. For example, how to organize the warehouse properly, that was the knowledge they received through SCORE Training,”
Maria Satiaputri, the owner of Spa Factory Bali

“SCORE Training is unlike any other training as there are mentors and company visits. Moreover, SCORE Training provides attractive training modules and games that are targeted and easily applicable to the working environment. Employees can easily understand and absorb the information that we provide.”
Ratna Kuhn, the Vice President of PT. Dianatina Ayu

“Learning from the positive results and changes experienced by the participating companies, all members of BEDO are encouraged to learn and apply the SCORE Training methodology. SCORE Training has become a hot conversation topic among BEDO members,”
Januar Rustandie, ILO SCORE Programme Manager

Never one to sit still on success, BEDO continued to bring innovation to the table

BEDO also developed with the NGO Swiss Contact a new training named HoCo (Hospitality Coaching). The training is based on the original SCORE Training modules but was adapted to meet the needs of the tourism industry. HoCo helps small hotels in developing tourism destinations, such as Flores in East Nusa Tenggara and Tanah Toraja in South Sulawesi, improve workplace cooperation, service quality and, organize business processes, quality service and environmental friendly tourism has been implemented in 25 hotels and restaurants. BEDO also helped to implement HOCO in Myanmar and in Bolivia the materials are also now being used.

The finances…

While the first trainings were financially supported by ILO, BEDO has delivered SCORE Training without support from ILO since late 2015. To do so, BEDO had to raise funding and find donors. “It was not too difficult. With tangible and measurable results that SCORE Trainings delivers, we were able to find sponsors. Using an ILO training product has added credibility to our organization,” Kristianto said.

Supported by ILO, BEDO has convinced different donors to fund SCORE Trainings (which is offered free of charge to enterprises). At first, the Directorate of ASEAN Economic Community under the Ministry of Foreign Affair in 2015 agreed to finance SCORE Training in Bali and Yogyakarta. Since then, the Ministry has allocated USD 62,376 to BEDO to support MSMEs.

In 2016, the Conference Board of Canada (TPSA Canada) funded BEDO with USD 45,425 to assist SMEs in footwear & apparel industries to enhance their productivity and environmental performance.

The PT HM Sampoerna Tbk, through Sampoerna for Indonesia is funding BEDO since 2015 to support the SMEs in select area as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme in Java, Bali and East Nusa Tenggara, with increasing amounts of USD 25,000 in 2016; USD 83,062 in 2017, and USD 199,410 in 2018.

What does the future hold?

Besides maintaining the current BEDO partnership and activities with existing partners such as Sampoerna Tbk and several Indonesia Ministries institutions, in 2019 new collaborations will be underway such as embedding SCORE Training into the Indonesian Fair Trade Forum and expanding the training offer to the service sector.

“We are very grateful and thankful to the ILO to make us one of their SCORE key partners in Indonesia, which has now become one of the main programmes of our organization and has enabled us to extend our reach and sustain our organization,”
Jeff Kristianto

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