A SCORE Super Hero? Boliva Innovates to Communicate SCORE Messages

A collaboration between SCORE Bolivia and CEPT (Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs of Bolivia) has created some fun and engaging comics to help spread SCORE Training key messages within enterprises to all workers, regardless of literacy.

Article | 30 October 2018

These comic books and video animations have been embraced as an effective communication tool to help spread the benefits of SCORE Training among workers in Bolivian factories. A comic and animation has been developed for each training module, and follows a SCORE super hero fixing issues around factories in Bolivian Spanish language and with a sense of humour.
VENADO Industries, a prestigious Bolivian food company has been the latest company to implement SCORE Training and use the cartoons as a key communication tool, helping the EIT (Enterprise Improvement Team) to spread the ideas of the training to the entire company.Since April 2018, VENADO joined more than 60 Bolivian companies that have implemented the SCORE Training methodology.
“SCORE Training seeks to increase productivity through cooperation in the workplace mainly between management and workers. This requires a mindset change, a culture change, and these comics help us to do that in an easy way, without the top-down approach from the past. The cartoons create conversation among all staff members, and make this a fun way to implement change”
José Orihuela, Human Resources Manager, Venado Industries

In 2018 Venado Industries has implemented 4 out of the 5 SCORE Training modules. The EIT members have appreciated the comics to help spread their good work. They are sharing the cartoons along with monthly bulletins that keep everyone up to date on the benefits of the improvements that they are making.
“The comics help us to spread our ideas, everyone’s on the same page from the beginning, it’s easier to get everyone on-board with our EIP (Enterprise Improvement Plan). It shows in a simple way, why we are doing what we are doing, and why everyone has to get involved”
Alejandra Sempertegui,  EIT Member, Venado Industries

One worker explained how it adds a little something extra to the end of the month payslip.
“These comics are fun and we can joke with each other about being the SCORE super hero. It helps us feel part of a team, and part of something bigger. Each one of us can make a difference… and we talk about it”.
Alvaro Arce, Production Line Worker, Venado Industries

The SCORE team and CEPT are very pleased with the way this innovation is being used by companies. It brings all the key messages of the training across in a light hearted way, making them fun for readers, meaning they are more likely to engage with them versus regular information leaflets. The story line developed for each module also helps people to remember what they have read or seen, and the training they have participated in.

It seems that we never grow too old for a good comic book!

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