National Enterprise Survey: analysis of results. - Rapport analytique de l'enquête 2012 auprès des entreprises du Cameroun

This report presents the results of an enterprise survey undertaken with Cameroonian enterprises in 2012. The survey was undertaken to collect primary data to support the assessment of the business environment of Cameroon which was conducted in 2012-2013.

The study carries out the statistical analysis of the results of the 2012 survey of Cameroonian enterprises which had a sample size of 501 enterprises. The survey was undertaken to collect primary data for the assessment of the business environment of Cameroon. The report begins by describing the surveyed businesses and highlights their features. It presents the constraints on business development and then identifies the profile of the enterprises as well as the connections among the constraints. The results present the constraints from the perspective of different types of enterprises according to: sector of economic activity, enterprise size levels, and geographical location. For the overall sample, the responses of enterprises regarding constraints on their activities show the following key factors affecting the operation of Cameroonian businesses: (i ) power outages and poor supply of electricity, (ii) the increase in the cost of goods; (iii) the state of health of workers; (iv) the emigration of skilled workers; (v) unfair competition; (vi) the difficult access to finance; (vii) public insecurity; (viii) taxation and administrative and regulatory barriers; (ix) corruption; and (x) poor education of the labour force.