SME resilience

The COVID 19 pandemic will have a strong effect on labour markets worldwide. Especially in developing economies, where more than 70% of the workforce is in self-employment or works in micro, and small enterprises. Most MSMEs in developing countries, the smallest often run by women, operate in saturated sectors in the informal economy and most lack social protection. MSMEs will therefore be the first to suffer devastating consequences of the economic downturn. Re-starting the economy and creating jobs will be key once the immediate health crisis is over. 
  1. Post crisis recovery

    What we know about how economies react to (health) crisis. what this means for MSMEs and what comes after?

    The COVID 19 health crisis and the associated measures of confinement will have devastating consequences for micro and small business operations and will disrupt many existing value chains. This in turn will lead to loss of income and sharp increases in unemployment...

  2. ILO SME Unit

    What is ILOs SME unit working on related to COVID-19?

    Find out what we are doing to support MSME’s during covid-19 and beyond. From policies and business environment, informality, productivity and working conditions, to market systems and value chains, inclusive entrepreneurship and business development services...

  3. More Resources

    Other MSME COVID-19 Information Resources

    From ILO Occupational Safety & Health, Enterprises department and the International Training centre in Turin, several internal and external information resources are available...