What is ILOs SME unit working on related to COVID-19?

Instructional material | 26 May 2020
Small matters: Who is providing jobs in sectors at risk from COVID-19?
This infographic highlights the own-account workers, micro-enterprises and larger enterprises that operate formally and informally, in the seven sectors considered at risk.

Policies and Business environment:

Contact for further information: deboos@ilo.org


Contact for further information: doorn@ilo.org

Productivity and working conditions in SMEs (including occupational health systems):

Contact for further information: ulrich@ilo.org 

Market Systems and Value Chains:

Contact for further information: hartrich@ilo.org

Inclusive Entrepreneurship and business development services:

Contact for further information: martinezcure@ilo.org

Women’s Entrepreneurship Development:

Contact for further information: roselosada@ilo.org