Staff list of the Small and Medium Enterprises Unit (SME)

Presentation | 05 November 2018
Our work is jointly implemented by a team of 23 professionals at headquarters, 11 enterprise development specialists based in ILO field offices and approximately 100 project based specialists also working in the field.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Unit

  • RADIC Dragan, Head of SME Unit

Enabling Environment

  • YU Sandra, Specialist
  • BERRIOS Mario, Specialist
  • DEBOOS Séverine, Team Leader/Specialist
  • MITANI Emi, JPO, Green / SME / Policy development
  • RATSIMA RASENDRA Soary, Technical Officer

Enterprise Formalization

  • VAN DOORN Judith, Specialist, Enterprise Formalization
  • BAYO Kareem, Technical Officer, Enterprise Formalization and Transition to formality of forcibly displaced people
  • PETTERSEN Anne-Marit, JPO Enterprise Formalization
  • MELONI Chiara, Intern Enterprise Formalization

Inclusive Markets and Entrepreneurship

  • SIEVERS Merten, Global Coordinator/Specialist
  • HARTRICH Steve, Technical Officer Value Chain Development, Team Lead
  • NUTZ Nadja, Technical Officer Entrepreneurship & SME Management Trng
  • HUDSON Nicholas, Junior Technical Officer, Inclusive Markets & Entrepreneurial Eco-Systems
  • AYALA Luana, Technical Officer SIYB
  • IACHAN Luisa, Technical Officer, Entrepreneurship Development
  • MANDELLI Elisa, Technical Officer AIMS
  • COWAN-GORE Isaac, Technical Officer Value Chain Development
  • RICHARD Lea, Junior Technical Officer, Systems, Change Initiative (SCI)
  • SCOMAZZON Alessandra, Junior Technical Officer - Systems Change Initiative
  • VERZE Valentina, Technical Officer WED
  • KABBARA Nour, Intern in Value Chain and Market Systems Development.

Productivity and Working Conditions

  • ANDERSSON Sara, Technical Officer, Productivity and Working Conditions
  • DE LA CHAUX Marlen, Technical Officer, Productivity and Working Conditions
  • CHAN Cheryl, Technical Officer

SCORE / Productivity Ecosystems

  • ULRICH Stephan, Program Manager, SCORE and Productivity Ecosystems
  • MUN Na Eun, Technical Officer
  • POTTER Norma Jean, Communication Officer

Office Management

  • BENZ Nadège, Administrative Assistant
  • KALUMIYA Kabeza, Administrative Assistant (SCORE)
  • ZIEBA Valérie, Administrative Assistant