Entrepreneurship Education

The Know About Business (KAB) entrepreneurship education programme promotes awareness among young women and men aged 15 to 24 years of the opportunities and challenges of business, entrepreneurship and self-employment. It helps them identify and work on some basic core entrepreneurial skills such as communication, negotiation and planning. Within the last decade, the programme has trained over 14,000 teachers and over 3 million young women and men to entrepreneurship.

The KAB materials were designed for teachers in public and private general secondary education and vocational and technical training institutions. They have also been used in higher education.

The KAB programme has a lose network of 250 Key Facilitators habilitated to train teachers nationally on KAB and has been introduced in 56 countries across the world. In 18 of these countries, KAB was further institutionalized by becoming part of the national curricula.

KAB is a joint programme of the ILO and the International Training Centre (ITC-ILO).

Key Resources

  1. Entrepreneurship Education: Fostering Future Entrepreneurs

    The ILO approach to entrepreneurship education - Sustainable Enterprises 

  2. Building Business and Entrepreneurship Awareness

    An ILO experience of integrating entrepreneurship education into national vocational education systems

  3. Supporting Entrepreneurship Education: A report on the global outreach of the ILO’s Know About Business Programme

    A glimpse of the breadth and depth of national efforts introducing and integrating entrepreneurship education into the education systems.