Inclusive Markets & Value Chains briefs and guides

  1. Publication

    Sector Selection for Decent Work: Tips, Tricks and Tools

    20 April 2017

  2. Publication

    Market systems facilitation, how good are you?

    20 April 2017

  3. Project documentation

    A Guide to market-based livelihood interventions for refugees

    06 April 2017

  4. Publication

    The Science in Adaptive Management

    08 December 2016

  5. Publication

    A Market Systems Approach to Decent Work.

    07 December 2016

  6. Instructional material

    Guide for productive inclusion and economic empowerment for the prevention and eradication of child labor

    16 December 2015

  7. Publication

    A Rough Guide to Value Chain Development

    05 May 2015

    How to create employment and improve working conditions in targeted sectors

  8. Publication

    Fooled by randomisation: why RCTs might be the real ‘gold standard’ for private sector development

    27 November 2014

  9. Publication

    ILOs Value Chain Development Tools

    17 May 2010

  10. Instructional material

    Making the strongest links: A practical guide to mainstreaming gender analysis in value chain development

    31 July 2009

    A new publication from the ILO provides groundbreaking methods for incorporating gender concerns into the different stages of value chain analysis and strengthening the links essential for gender equality and promoting sustainable pro-poor growth and development strategies.