2015 Academy on Sustainable Enterprise Development -- New trends in Enterprise Development

The ILO supports governments and organised business and labour to harness business and employment opportunities in a systemic manner through the development of sustainable enterprises with a focus on economic, environmental and social impact. Enterprises of all sizes and types are targeted, for women and for men, including with a focus on the poor and marginalised. The ILO promotes decent work for all through the creation of an enabling environment for sustainable enterprises, through support to transition to formality, through increased firm participation in national and global value chains and by rigorously measuring the results of interventions to inform evidence based policy decisions.

In this context, the ILO Sustainable Enterprise Academy (SEA) will be travelling to Africa in 2015 for a one-week engagement with policy makers and enterprise development practitioners to debate these issues. In previous years the popular SEA was held in Turin, Italy, but based on the increasing interest and demand from African governments and development partners the 2015 academy will be taking place in Lusaka, Zambia from 31 August to 4 September.