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Ukraine grants loans to entrepreneurs and opts for ILO business training package

On February 3, 2020 Ukraine launched a state programme to give affordable loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The 80 Mio USD scheme is designed to enable the creation and expansion of small businesses, and includes a training module. To train the next generation of entrepreneurs, the government chose to go with the ILO Start and Improve Your Business methodology.

News | 17 February 2020
The government expects that the programme will promote SME development in Ukraine, help to create new jobs and will be instrumental in reducing informality and undeclared work. The loans come with a 5-7-9% interest and companies can receive up to 60k USD for max. 5 years.  The lowest interest rate is granted to those who have created at least 2 new workplaces. The implementation of the programme will be carried out by the Entrepreneurship Development Fund under the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine through the partner banks.

The programme comes with trainings for potential entrepreneurs to improve their financial competencies and to support them in drafting bankable business plans--having one is a condition for accessing the loan scheme. The Ministry for Development of Economy Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine selected the ILO Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) methodology for the training programme, as SIYB has proven to improve the quality of the business plans, reduce the risks of bankruptcy and increase the number and quality of jobs created.

The ILO project “Inclusive Labour Markets for Job Creation in Ukraine” funded by the Government of Denmark is a partner of the training programme and already trained 50+ trainers of the SIYB methodology for the State Employment Service, TVET schools, NGOs and business development organizations in 2019. Until today, more than 1,000 potential entrepreneurs were trained in various locations of Ukraine. The ILO project plans to train at least 1,000 entrepreneurs in 2020 and scale up to training 4,500 by 2022.

During the SIYB course, participants incubate their business idea, learn to produce their own business and marketing plan, study financial planning, tackle human resources and management questions.  The training includes a comprehensive package of materials and participants become members of a network that is ready to support them as they establish and expand their enterprises.

Beneficiaries come from different walks of life, with diverse qualifications and ambitions. By completing the SIYB training, they all made significant steps to take their business ideas to the next level and evolve it into a robust business plan.  Here is what they say about the training:

 "The first thing that I liked about the training "Start Your Business" is the fact that the trainers are real entrepreneurs, not just theorists. I have learnt a lot of interesting things. I was impressed to have the opportunity to ask questions and receive clear and understandable answers." 
Valentyna Kysla, car tuning business owner in Kamyshany, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine 

“After the training, I continued to cooperate with the trainers. I seek their advice in marketing and business processes building.”
Volodymyr Herman, welding training company owner in Rivne, Ukraine

“Did the training help me? Yes, very much. I received not only psychological but also practical help. I coordinate my work according to a financial plan that I started at the training. Thanks to this, I can see not only the current financial result, but also clearly plan the next steps.” 
Tetyana K. runs an art space for adults in Sumy, Ukraine

Start and Improve Your Business is one of the largest global business management training programmes, implemented in over 100 countries. In the last 15 years, it helped roughly 14.5 Mio small-scale entrepreneurs to start and grow their business worldwide, as a strategy to create more and better employment for women and men. SIYB has four training packages that respond to stages of business development: 1) Generate Your Business Idea 2) Start Your Business 3) Improve Your Business and 4) Expand Your Business. It is accessible in 40 languages and easy to implement large scale.