Master Trainer Development

Master Trainers are selected from among Trainers with an excellent track record, and form the backbone of the SIYB implementation structure. They play a key role in the programme’s multiplier effect strategy through their responsibility of training Trainers. The process of Master Trainer development is as follows:

  • Selection of candidates to become SIYB Master Trainers
  • Participating in a Training of Master Trainers (ToMT) workshop to get a refresher on the content of SIYB packages and familiarise with additional responsibilities related to being a Master Trainer
  • Executing at least one Training of Trainer (ToT) cycle for each SIYB package
  • Participating in a Competencies Refreshment Workshop (CRW) where Master Trainer candidates get the opportunity to strengthen their skills in areas that require enhancement
  • Passing an examination that judges the core competencies needed to be a SIYB Master Trainer
  • Certification and licence to operate; licence valid for three years and subject to renewal

For more information, please refer to the Implementation Guide.