Key Actors

  • SIYB Global Coordination Team is located in the SME Unit of the Enterprises Department of the ILO headquarters. The team is responsible for coordinating SIYB activities globally and monitoring the trainings in different countries.
  • ILO national coordination: In-country implementation of SIYB is often handled by ILO country offices and in some instances public or private organizations to whom the ILO has delegated this function. Enterprise Specialists supervise SIYB activities in different countries.
  • Training Service Providers (TSPs) are organizations that have the institutional, technical and financial resources to execute SIYB activities and with whom the ILO has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to integrate the programme in their daily operations.
  • SIYB Trainers are usually staff affiliated with TSPs who have reasonable experience in business management and adult learning methodologies and are trained in SIYB to execute trainings directly to start-ups, micro and small enterprises.
  • SIYB Master Trainers are selected from amongst Trainers and further trained and certified by the ILO to train Trainers, market SIYB to clients, promote and secure partnerships and undertake quality control of the SIYB programme.
  • SIYB Master Trainer Developers are Master Trainers with several years of experience in SIYB and who are actively involved in undertaking SIYB market assessments, materials development and impact assessments.