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Books, Training Manuals, and Guides

Protecting the Poor: A microinsurance compendium, Volume II
(2012) Offering a synthesis of new trends and practices in the growing market of microinsurance, this volume will be an invaluable resource for policy-makers and practitioners alike.
Protecting the Poor: A microinsurance compendium, Volume I
(2006) Essential reading for insurance professionals, practitioners and anyone involved with offering insurance to low-income persons, this volume covers the many aspects of microinsurance in detail including product design, marketing, premium collection and governance
Microfinance and public policy. Outreach, performance and efficiency
(2007) This book states to aid agencies and governments to consider efficiency as a robust and reliable criterion to guide their decisions on whether continuing or discounting support from microfinance institutions (MFIS).
Making microfinance work. Managing for improved performance
(2006) Microfinance has long been recognized as having significant potential to create jobs and reduce poverty. But to meet the twin challenges of growth and sustainability, managers of microfinance institutions (MFIs) must not only understand essential management functions: they must also be armed with innovative ideas and strategies to succeed in today's increasingly competitive environment.
Making microfinance work. Managing Product Diversification
(2011) This textbook, designed for middle and senior managers in microfinance institutions, is relevant for institutions that have already diversified and are looking for ways to manage their diversification more effectively as well as those that have not yet done so and are looking for guidance on where and how to begin. This second volume builds on the highly acclaimed 'Making Microfinance Work: Managing for Improved Performance'.
Training Manuals on Financial Education
The Financial education training materials is a series of training materials designed to teach vulnerable groups – including poor women and men, families with working children, youth, migrant workers - financial knowledge and management skills. To date, training materials have been developed in the Asia and Pacific region, in French-speaking Africa and in Eastern Europe.
Training Materials on Inclusive finance for workers
As part of its mandate to empower Trade Unions, the ILO responded to the requirements of the TUs to facilitate improving access to finance for their members. This response manifested in the assemblage of experts in microfinance and trade unions related matters to develop a programme for training of Union Leaders in various ways to facilitate access to finance for their members. The overall objective of these trainings and materials is to empower trade unions to improve access to finance for their members and potential members, either by managing financial institutions, by creating partnerships or through advocacy towards existing specialized service providers.