E-learning on financial education

This innovative e-learning course on Financial Education is designed to give you the essential knowledge, skills and competencies to better manage your personal finance.

Instructional material | 02 November 2020
The sessions in this e-learning use concrete examples of women and men in their daily life as well as interactive activities, audios, exercises and assignments to make the content interesting, relevant and also entertaining.

The e-learning brings together more than a decade of experience of the ILO's Social Finance Programme in financial education. Its financial education programme is a holistic programme addressing policy dialogue and capacity building at all levels. It works with policymakers, meso-level training providers and multipliers, as well as directly with beneficiaries. Beneficiaries include youth, entrepreneurs, migrant workers, workers, farmers, low income women and men and families.

This e-learning course is available in English, French, Arabic and Kyrgyz.

There are two versions in English: a generic version and a version adapted to the South African context.

The French and Arabic versions are adapted to the Moroccan context however the general learning objectives are applicable to individuals all over the world.

The Kyrgyz version was created in the framework of the project “Empowering women and girls affected by migration for inclusive and peaceful community development”.

A Russian version of the e-learning course will be available in the course of October 2021.

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