Financial education for workers in Africa - Trainee’s Guide

This document targets all workers in Africa and in particular those who wish to improve their money management. This Trainee’s Guide introduces basic knowledge, skills and tools related to earning, spending, budgeting and using financial services such as savings, credit, money transfers and insurance.

Matériel didactique | 23 mars 2017
It is part of a training package entitled “Financial education for workers in Africa” aimed at teaching workers and trade union members to better manage their finance by

i) equipping them with adequate financial knowledge and management skills,

ii) strengthening their behaviours that lead to increased saving, and more productive and responsible spending and borrowing,

iii) promoting equality between men and women and strengthening women’s role in family decision making on money matters.

The training package was developed by the International Labour Organization (ILO) on the basis of various ILO financial education tools created for different target groups and for use in Asia and Africa, and adapted to the workers’ context in Africa.

This Trainee’s Guide is intended for use as a workbook during the financial education training and as a quick reference guide thereafter.